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2023 Parfum trends

Fragrance is getting a bit of a makeover this year. Don't get us wrong, having a signature scent will always be in, but you'll notice that the fragrances hitting the shelves are starting to look ever-so-slightly different. Essential oils and light, aquatic blends have had a grip on the industry for a hot minute, but now brands across the board are diving head first into intense eau de parfums. Think: Longer staying power and rich flavor profiles that range from powerful fruity florals to all-encompassing musks.

The way in which we wear our favorite perfumes is also doing a bit of a pivot. Fragrance layering having a moment and brands are getting creative by infusing their iconic scents into body care and hair care that side-swipe the need for a physical perfume altogether. It’s a new game for perfume houses—and if the first few weeks of the year are any indication, it’s gearing up to be a transformative era for the industry.

To get the complete lowdown on what we can expect to see from fragrance over the next 12 months, we talked to trend trackers and fragrance aficionados. So set your signature scent aside and keep reading to get an idea of the biggest and best fragrance trends for 2023.

Bold Eau de Parfums

Expect intense and long-lasting fragrances to be at the forefront this year. “We are seeing a few of our favorite brands take a classic customer favorite and create a more enhanced or deeper vision in the form of an Eau de Parfum versus their Eau de Toilette version,” says Nordstrom’s National Beauty Director Autumne West (opens in new tab). “This is a great upgrade for anyone looking to change up their already established go-to with a longer-wearing finish that doesn’t overpower, but is a bit more noticeable.”

By Samantha Holender


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